Project Management

To ensure that your project comes to fruition in an accurate and a timely way, we provide professional project management. The project manager will coordinate and oversee every aspect of your fitout to ensure that all of the work proceeds smoothly with as little problems as possible.

Design & Planning

Our design experts will carefully guide you through the planning process to ensure that every detail of your project receives the proper attention. Your overall design will be innovative, inspiring and cutting edge. It also will include the latest materials and features to ensure that you have a leg up on your competition.

Complete Shop Fitouts

With our complete shopfitting services, we perform all aspects of your project and eliminate the need for you to seek help elsewhere. This reduces your stress and also provides continuity for your project.

Commercial Interiors

Our fitout expertise also encompasses other commercial enterprises that fall into a different category than those of the retail or hospitality venues. Our company will transform your office or other commercial location into one that has a contemporary, updated style that effectively promotes your brand.

Hospitality Fitouts

Topfit Projects also skillfully delivers the ideal layout and designs for restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies and other hospitality venues. Ask and you will receive innovative, edgy and unique results that will fit your specific requirements in a quality fashion.

Retail Fitouts

Regardless of the type of merchandise that you sell in your store, we understand the best way for you to present it to consumers. Sales will increase due to the fact that your establishment will entice them to enter it and linger long enough for impulse purchases along with their planned ones.


On top of new constructions, we will deliver refurbishments upon request. After years of use, all hospitality, retail and commercial locations can use a facelift to keep serving customers or clients in a profitable manner. Allow Topfit Projects to breathe new life into your location, whether it requires a full strip out and refit, new fitout or just a coat of paint, we can deliver results beyond your expectations. We have vast knowledge and experience in our industry that helps make this process less stressful and more successful for you. Our company even schedules all of the tasks in such a way as to keep your business open as much as possible during the process if this is a concern for you. You can view our ‘Projects’ page to see examples of some of our past projects.

Custom Joinery

Thanks to our custom joinery, your cabinets, trim, shelving and other elements will contain durable materials and finishes along with professional workmanship. As a result, all of these elements will outlast stock options.